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TouchyBooks for Kids 2.12

Download and read interactive children's books

TouchyBooks for Kids is an eBook store and reader for interactive children's books. View full description


  • Impressive graphics and animation
  • Spoken text
  • Great music


  • More books please!
  • No book search


TouchyBooks for Kids is an eBook store and reader for interactive children's books.

Using TouchyBooks for Kids you can download a selection of different books, aimed at pre-schoolers and young children. There are two free books available with the app, and samples and demos of the paid versions. Books you've downloaded appear on an iBooks-style shelf, which makes managing your collection much easier.

The books themselves are of very good quality (or at least the ones we tried were). TouchyBooks for Kids reads all of the text aloud while a musical soundtrack plays in the background.

The graphics are great and the books are full of interactive elements, encouraging children to touch certain parts of the screen to trigger animations or play sounds. Pages in TouchyBooks for Kids are turned simply by touching the left and right arrows. Each book features a button to quickly take you back to the first page.

TouchyBooks for Kids is a pretty polished app, but it could still do with some work. The catalog of books is a bit sparse at present and would benefit from the addition of more titles. A search tool and book categorization feature would also be useful.

That said, children will love TouchyBooks for Kids as it provides highly entertaining interactive storybooks.


  • New Design, Italian Language (that totals 5 languages)
  • New Sections
  • Star Reviews
  • Reader Number Count
  • Parent Control
  • More ways to Keep in Touch
  • Autoplay
  • Page Selection
  • New Menu
TouchyBooks for Kids


TouchyBooks for Kids 2.12